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primary antioxidants

  • revonox® 420 | 420v

    revonox® 420 (rv 420) is a hydroxylamine antioxidant. being a phenol-free primary antioxidant, it is resistant to gas‐fading caused by exposure to nox and effectively avoids the phenolic yellowing after oxidation. rv 420 performs optimal synergetic effects to contribute excellent initial color and physical property retention when formulated with phosphite antioxidant or hals.
    revonox® 420v is exclusively developed by chitec derived from palm oil that eases customers' concern against its tallow-based predecessor, especially suitable for food-contact grade polyolefin material.

  • revonox® 501

    revonox® 501 (rv 501) is a benzo-furanone antioxidant patented by chitec. it is a multi-function antioxidant with a molecular design that combines a carbon-centered radical scavenger and a primary antioxidant. rv 501 is designed with excellent heat resistance. it presents remarkable performances in melting index control and long-term thermal stability. the optimal synergetic effects can be achieved when rv 501 is formulated in combination with phenolic and phosphite antioxidants. it is ideal for polyolefin, styrene, olefin-copolymer, or high-temperature engineering plastic materials for use as a highly efficient thermal stabilizer.

secondary spiro phosphite antioxidant

  • revonox® 608

    revonox® 608 (rv 608) is a spiro-structured phosphite antioxidant. through such kind of molecule design, rv 608 features higher phosphorus content than triphenyl phosphite antioxidant and performs better anti-oxidation efficiency. among the spiro phosphite antioxidant, rv 608 has the best hydrolysis resistance. in heat resistance, its 10%-weight-loss temperature is even higher than 340°c. therefore, rv 608 is ideal for plastic materials requiring high processing temperatures, such as pc, pet, pa, pbt, and peek.

phenol-free performance blend

  • revonox® 310

    revonox® 310 is a phenol-free antioxidant system composed of hydroxylamine antioxidants and phosphite antioxidants. it provides color protection for polyolefin materials when exposing to heat, nox, and gamma radiation.

  • revonox® 610v

    revonox® 610v is a highly efficient phenol-free antioxidant blend specially designed for polyolefin materials in direct-food-contact packaging. it provides excellent thermal processing stability, effectively protecting color and physical properties under multiple-time thermal processes.

tpu heat stabilizers

  • revonox® u-5068

    revonox® u-5068 (u-5068) is a synergistic blend of a proprietary carbon-centered radical scavenger, antioxidants, and heat stabilizers, and specially designed for thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu).
    as a multi-function thermal stabilizer, u-5068 provides outstanding performance of initial color protection for thermal processes of tpu, especially for heat-intolerant polyether grades, higher process temperatures (high hardness), and high viscosities.
    in addition, it displayed superior effectiveness to conventional antioxidant systems for improving the thermal yellowing resistance and physical property retention during further oven-curing or thermal aging.

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